Holidays are the ideal necessities of one’s life as they help you maintain a newer energy by coming out of the monotonous lifestyle. Holidaying is an ardent need that everyone deserves. It is likely to be peaceful and as a source of gathering further energy to continue with our daily routine. So, if you are planning to go on a vacation to Vietnam in May, let us tell you it is a picturesque and enormous travel destination. You have much to explore in this Asian tourism hub.

    Weather In Vietnam In May

    vietnam, vietnam in may: a travel experience you’ll cherish for a lifetime

    The Weather in Vietnam in May seems to be the most comfy as compared to other months of the year. It’s just the start of summer in the northern part of Vietnam that sees only a slight rise in temperature level to about 32 degrees Celsius, therefore, you can enjoy the seething climatic conditions.

    Meanwhile, the central part of Vietnam still maintains dry season during the May month. However, the South of Vietnam starts entering into the rainy season and the spots more downpours. But they happen very quickly and do an outstanding job in dropping the daytime heat.

    4 Places To Visit In Vietnam In May

    There are numerous places to visit in Vietnam. None should be skipped if you are travelling in May month. Just have a look at them why a visit to these places is important.

    1. Mu Cang Chai, Yen Bai

    vietnam, vietnam in may: a travel experience you’ll cherish for a lifetime

    Located nearly 300 kilometres in the mountainous northeastern region of Vietnam, Mu Cang Chai in May is an amazing place to visit and explore the uniqueness of this region. If you are into nature and photography, as well as concerned in the hill-tribe culture, you should never miss out on Mu Cang Chai. It will offer you lots of such exclusively themed avenues for your assessment.

    2. Pu Luong Thanh Hoa

    vietnam, vietnam in may: a travel experience you’ll cherish for a lifetime

    Pu Luong is the best place to visit in Vietnam in May. This place provides you with a refreshing escape from the crowds with its splendid mountain ranges, scenic rivers, and waterfalls that bring you close to natures’ bounty. It also offers you a great opportunity to have an insight into the long-standing agriculture of Vietnam during this month when the agriculture activities are in the full swing.

    3. Nha Trang

    vietnam, vietnam in may: a travel experience you’ll cherish for a lifetime

    Nha Trang is the most famous seaside town in Vietnam. It provides a wonderful scene and outstanding services to travellers. What a real peaceful place for days without any complain. This is what keeps you hooked during your May trip.

    Things to Do: Island hopping, scuba diving, flyboarding, and water skiing.
    Food to Eat: Fresh seafood, barbecued pork rolled in rice paper, and bird’s nest soup.

    4. Ninh Binh

    vietnam, vietnam in may: a travel experience you’ll cherish for a lifetime

    Ninh Binh is situated at the edge of the Red River Delta, Trang An and is a rare place where long-standing rice cultivation still maintains. Travel about only two hours by car from Hanoi to feel the serene beauty of the region. It is an excellent place where the happy green paddies turn yellow gradually.

    Things To Do In Vietnam In May

    Counting on the things to do in Vietnam in May, you’ll find many. Simply explore them all and narrow down the activities as all are not possible in one go. Some of the major ones are listed below:

    1. Visiting Imperial

    As a place of the former political centre of the country for 13 continuous centuries, Imperial Citadel of Thang Long is still one of the most popular Vietnam tourist spots where travellers from around the world plan a visit. It remains a must-visit place in the itineraries. A World Heritage Site since 2010, this place is a magnificent vintage fortress which reflects the leftovers of the Vietnamese military power.

    Opening Hours: 8 AM to 11:30 AM and 1:30 AM to 5 PM.
    Entry Fee: INR 90.6/-.

    2. Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum 

    vietnam, vietnam in may: a travel experience you’ll cherish for a lifetime

    Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum is a piece of remarkable marble construction, built with the resources composed from all over the country. This epic marble architecture is quite well-known. Therefore, visiting this place remains one of the best things to do in Vietnam during a trip. Missing it means you rather didn’t explore Vietnam.

    Opening Hours: 8 AM to 11 AM; Saturday to Thursday.
    Entry Fee: INR 30.66/-.

    3. Hoan Kiem Lake And Ngoc Son

    vietnam, vietnam in may: a travel experience you’ll cherish for a lifetime

    If you are travelling with your loved ones and want to spend a day there with them in fun and laughter, this is the place where you should head towards. The lake is also famous as a Turtle Lake and is well-known for the natural beauty around.

    Entry Fee: INR 61.31/- per person.

    4. Vietnam Military History Museum

    vietnam, vietnam in may: a travel experience you’ll cherish for a lifetime

    This history museum has numerous things on display that recaps the visitors of the Vietnam War. By planning a visit here, you are going to learn many things as if the leaflets of history open before you. Therefore, a visit here remains an educating and learning experience.

    Opening Hours: 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM.
    Entry Fee: INR 90.6/-.

    If you are keen and interested in visiting Vietnam in May, it is time to pack your bags and plan your holiday right away. Click the selfies, soak yourself in the sun, and gather all the memories.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Vietnam In May: An Experience For The Lifetime

    Have questions in mind to ask the experts? Some of them are listed below. Just have a look!

    May a good time to visit Vietnam?

    The best time to travel to Vietnam is March and April for warm and dry weather or go in October and November for cooler climes and clear days. May is also a reasonably good month.

    What are the best things to see in Vietnam in May?

    The best things to see in Vietnam in May includes: 1. Cruise Halong Bay 2. Explore the Phong Nha Caves 3. Dine on Vietnamese Cuisine
    4. Trekking in Sapa

    What is the weather like in Vietnam in May?

    On the coast, the weather is usually warm and sunny while in the central regions, it is somewhat wet but the northern side experiences more rain.

    Which are the best places to visit in Vietnam in May?

    The best places to visit Vietnam in May includes the following: 1. Hanoi 2. SaPa 3. Mui Ne 4. Hoi An
    5. Mekong Delta

    How many days do you need to visit Vietnam?

    Two weeks are enough to spend in Vietnam to enjoy the main sights. But if you also want to go more off the beaten path, three weeks would be perfect.

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